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GASS (Piddington) - Review

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GASS (Piddington) - Review Empty GASS (Piddington) - Review

Post  Rozza Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:24 am

To Be Updated

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GASS (Piddington) - Review Empty Re: GASS (Piddington) - Review

Post  Rozza Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:48 am

Hi All

Been some time since I have been on the forum as have been very busy. Hope everyone is well!!!

Any how, here is my 2 pence worth review of GASS Piddington

Site location: Piddington Training Area near Bicester

Parking: Fair area for enough vehicles to park and was always attended

Safe zone: Safe Zone was in the parking area, this is where players could re-load; sort kit out etc. There was no formal covered area.

Fields:- As this seemed like a training facility the area was large and was being worked on when Pete and I attended that day. Heavy under growth with buildings, good paths and choke points

Staff: Staff were really helpful and always on hand. Marshaling was generally good

scenarios: were varied from attack and defend to special missions

overall thoughts: Piddington was a good site, they were improving on it so would not mind going back to see what they have done to it. I hope that they put up a sheltered area for players to put their equipment rather than going back to the cars. I also hope they put up a small shop although what they did in terms of running out of the truck was fine for ammo and pyro

score out of 10: Overall score is a 7. I would definitely give 8/9 if they improve on the facilities

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